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Tickets YOU Live Viper Room 18.10.18

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Erfahrener Sänger gesucht – Join YOU

Hey YOU! YOU sucht einen neuen Sänger (keine Sängerin, da stilistisch stimmlich nicht ganz passend). Wir sind eine Rock-Band aus Wien, haben bereits ein Album veröffentlicht, planen bereits im Frühling erste Konzerte mit dem neuen Sänger zu spielen und wollen…

YOU Tour Inside the Temple

New Tour Announced

We are incredibly excited to announce YOU will be hitting the road this November, performing as support band of an Argentinian’s infamous guitar legend Walter Giardino. Walter Giardino is best known throughout for being the founder and front man of…

Thank you for coming to the release party

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone that came to the release party at the Replugged club in Vienna! YOU ROCKED OUR WORLD !!! For all of those who missed it, these stunning pictures by Luca Sartoni give a pretty powerful summary…

Making of “All or nothing” – Episode 1

Curious about what to see behind the scenes of making YOU’s first LP “All or nothing” ? A sneak preview about all that, everything that has been happening during making of album and what you could get prepared at the…

Aching, breaking videoclip

[:en] Aching, breaking – Single released in 2014 by YOU Band. Aching, breaking is YOU’s first published song and single. The song was published in March 2014. [:]

Donauinselfest 2014

YOU Wins the Rock the Island Contest 2014

The final results of the Spark7 Rock the Island Contest powered by Puls4 have been announced. YOU got the 2nd place in the Rock/Pop Genre. What does this mean? This means we’ll be seeing YOU at the biggest stage of…