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About YOU

Our Achievements

In 2014, shortly after YOU came to light, the band won the Austrian national contest "Rock The Island Contest", which gave them the honour to have their very first gig at the main stage of the legendary Donauinselfest in Vienna. That night they opened the stage which was later closed by The Commodores and Macy Grey. Pretty cool I have to say. 2016 has been all about their debute album "All or nothing". Click on the music link to get your copy!

Who the hell are YOU?

The band debuted in 2014 at Austria's biggest festival and national "Rock The Island" contest with their single "Aching, breaking". They went on to win the contest performing their debut single on the main stage. Since then they have gone from strength to strength, performing gigs across Austria and in popular Viennese clubs, making themselves a renowned household name in Vienna, especially amongst the local Latin-American scene. In 2016 they released their first LP "All or nothing" which is a collaborative mix of good old classic rock, pop, funk and blues sounds.

Our Future

As of 2016 YOU will be touring central Europe, primarily around Vienna, but also on cities around, promoting their debute album "All or nothing". Stay tuned for our tour dates!

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